The Office of Vocations

The Vicar for Priests operates the Office of Vocations within our communion. This office ensures that each candidate for Holy Orders is completely qualified and competent for dedicated service.

Holy Orders

The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches encourages all who are led by the Spirit of the Living God to explore and answer the calling of the Lord. The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches recognizes and validates the Orders of Deacon, Priest, and Bishop and bestows valid orders in Apostolic Succession. We encourage all who seek admission into Holy Orders to contact the Archdiocese or Diocese closest to them geographically. Those who feel that the Lord is leading them to a life of consecrated service should read and study the Holy Scriptures. Additionally, it is recommended that each person so called complete the prescribed course of study offered by the Anglican School of Divinity in General Biblical Studies/Divinity.