Welcome to the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches. We are an international communion of independent ecclesiastical jurisdictions of the Anglican Rite. The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches is an Ancient Faith jurisdiction, holding true to the ancient creeds of the faith (Nicene and Apostles’), while promoting and endorsing a life of holiness and empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

While we are committed to the standards of Anglican Liturgy as found in the Book of Common Prayer, we hold fast to the doctrines and commandments as contained in the Word of God. In addition, we embrace worship as a means of expressing love, adoration and commitment to the Lord our God. We promote Spirit Baptism for the empowerment for one to live a godly, righteous and sober life befitting a member of Church of God.

About the ACAC

The Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches encompasses several rites, orders, diocese, societies and jurisdictions. We are an independent Anglican Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We openly accept all who accept and believe in our…